Now Home Automation is easy,
simple and affordable.

Control your home no matter where you are and free your mind from the routines of managing your home with smartswitch. It is in the final stages of development and will begin shipping in spring 2014. Pre-Order a beta version.



Watch Television with the assistance
of an online TV guide and share what
you are watching with friends.

  • The Smart Switch App
  • Voice Control: Just say your command and switch anything, anywhere.
  • Remote Access: Not sure if you switched OFF your lights at home? Do that from your office.
  • GPS Positioning: Did you forget to switch OFF your AC? Now you have the option to do that automatically when you are away.
  • Device Calender: Add repetitive tasks to your weekly calender and forget about them.
  • Power Estimates: Estimate your power consumption and be prepared for your electricity bills.
  • TV Guide: Schedule what you are watching and read about it.


It replaces your existing electrical fittings, just disconnect your old switchboard and wire in your SmartSwitch with a screw driver. Any electrician will be able to do this.


Press the pairing button on your SmartSwitch. Once in pairing mode, select the pairing option on your smartphone application. Within seconds it will connect it to your WiFi router and you will be able to access it from anywhere.

Name and Share

Give your SmartSwitch a name, and names to all the switches connected to it. Since you are the admin you can also give temporary or permanent access to friends or family by accepting a request or by sharing your password with them.

Features Overview

Share Devices

Give access to your guests or extended use to family.

Infra Red Control

Control consumer electronic appliances such as TV, AC and AV devices with an infra-red port.

Energy Efficient

It consume minimal power and ensures your appliances do as well.

WiFi Access

Connects to the internet through your WiFi router.

Connect Anything

It has a Plug Point for appliances, dimmer for fans and switches for lights.


Control it from anywhere using Andriod, IOS, Mac, PC, Tablet, you name it.

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